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Christmas Jewerly

Christmas Costume Jewelry has an appeal to jewelry collectors, nostalgia buffs and people who simply enjoy wearing festive holiday accessories. During the last few years, Christmas jewelry has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity.
Ian St. Gielar was the one who introduced first Christmas Tree brooch by Stanley Hagler N.Y.C and has designed his own line of Christmas Jewelry. Here you can see earliest masterpieces of that line. We will add newer items to this site's store as they are being produced.

The pieces shown below can only be specialy ordered. The ordered design will be closely similar to the one pictured, but since all pieces are hand made "from the scratch", some variations will occur.

These trees are vintage Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. designed by Ian St. Gielar
From the Book: Christmas Jewelry, by Mary Morrison, published by Shiffer Publishing Ltd. 1998


Signed Stanley Hagler, NYC. Each of these trees consists of more than one layer of metal. They are beautiful viewed from the back as well as the front. Both consist of beads strung to the tree and prong-set rhinestones.

a. A framework like an open, broadleaf branch with flowers and stones on each leaf. If you turn the pin sidewise, you can see the wiring that strings the beads to the front layer. The front frame is then wired to he identical back layer. The small petal-like stones are all prong-set rhinestones. Approx. 3"

b. Made in several layers, the largest jade green stones are glued, the smaller red stones are prong-set. What appear to be tiny stones are actually glass beads. Approx. 2.75"


This tree by Stanley Hagler, NYC is constructed similarly to the ones above, but some of the details are different. In addition to the different coloration, the base is not beaded but consists of rows of prong-set navettes topped by an unusual five-pointed star cup holding a clear aurora borealis stone. Approx. 2.25".

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Christmas Jewerly

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This is the archived version of a past website. Current, up-to date website located at