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Tribute to Hagler

A Tribute to Stanley Hagler
by Ian St. Gielar

Stanley Hagler has been described by New York Magazine as "...more than a talented jewelry designer...he gives thought to how and when a woman wears her jewelry and where."

La Press in Montreal, called him "Le Picasso du bijou"..."the Picasso of jewelry."

N.Y. Times: "...Hagler's award winning ways achieve dizzy new proportions from most imaginative pieces to jeweled fantasies..."

tanley Hagler was in business from the 1950s to 1996.  His clients were the elite from all over the world.  From his earliest creations, owned by the Duchess of Windsor, his jewelry combined contemporary design with antique parts.  He used quality material, handblown glass, Swarovski crystals and Russian gold plated brass from the finest producers.  Mr. Hagler won the prestigious Swarovski Design Award 11 times.

In the late 80's, his chief designer, Ian St. Gielar
along with Mr. Hagler created the very first Hagler's Christmas Trees and from there took all Hagler
jewelry to another level.

Ian and Stanley remained close friends until Mr. Hagler's death in 1996. Ian St. Gielar continued to design and produce under his own name, Ian St. Gielar often describing his pieces as "Stanley Hagler style".

It should be noted that some individuals have been wrongly using the Hagler name for their own gain. Obviously, this is not right. As his friend, I am concerned that people are inappropriately making jewelry under Stanley Hagler's name.

Any collectors or dealers who would like to have their jewelry authenticated may send the pieces or the photos (by regular Mail or e-mail) to:


Ian St. Gielar Studio
PO Box 251
Hallandale, FL 33008-8251

The authentication can be performed by a panel of former employees: Manuel Lambert, who was with the Company since 1978, Nina LaRue and Cathy Hyatt (both since 1984), and myself.

There will be no charge for authenticating an item in your collection.

Davida Baron & Lucille Tempesta, co-founders and co-publishers of Vintage Fashion and Costume Jewelry,
Spring 1996 Edition, had this to say about Stanley Hagler:

"His retro collection is hand made from materials from the 50's and 60's incorporating old-fashioned stones, seed and baroque pearls. His vintage collections usually have an antique gold finish and are designed using vintage baroque pearls. It is rare he will use these baroque pearls in his contemporary groupings."

Says Hagler: "As you can see by today's designer's, you don't see the models wearing jewelry. In the past, jewelry has always defined a woman's individuality as well as her taste. Fashion designers, as well as the magazines, should not deter a woman from wearing jewelry that makes her feel beautiful and special."

Stanley Hagler's pieces are also featured in Jewels of Fantasy, Costume Jewelry of the 20th Century,
edited by Deanna Farneti Cera.

An excerpt from the book:

"In 1968 Stanley Hagler won the "Great Design Awards" prize, established by Swarovski USA.

Stanley Hagler jewelry is frequently multipurpose: the latch of a necklace can be transformed into a brooch or a hair ornament; the necklaces can become double bracelets; certain earrings can be changed at will by adding or subtracting various components. The pieces are easily recognized by their sense of rhythm and movement, by their strongly architectural style and because they maintain the same decorative effect whether they are seen from the front or the back."

The following are just a few of the many pieces co-created by Stanley Hagler and Ian St. Gielar.

floral brooch classic floral basket
Classic brooch of seed pearls, crystal and rhinestones designed by Ian in the early 1990s.
Another Hagler classic is the floral basket resplendent with faux seed pearls and handwired pastes

basket earrings
Red Necklace appearing in fashion magazines
Since early times, man has created adornment in imitation of nature,  floral motifs such as these are as old as jewelry itself.
Bigger is better as in this large scale composition of multiple beaded strands and gilt chains.

Necklace designed by Ian St. Gielar in the collection of a famous Movie Star

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Tribute to Hagler

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